Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bamboo Corner Cafe

It's quite popular for UTAR Kampar students who stay at Eastgate of the UTAR campus and those who want to drop by for breakfast and lunch which is not far from the campus.
It's situated next to Jalan Perdana at Taman Kampar Perdana, Ipoh, Perak.
(click on the map for clearer view)

Every morning, if I have no time, I'll have my breakfast at this restaurant. There are variety of meals from morning till night such as chicken rice, economy rice (rice with dishes on your choices), mee and drinks.
This is an example of glutinous rice with stir-fried mee and with additional fu pei (Fishcakes wrap by sheets of soya beans).
Milk tea is always my favourite but this cafe make kinda very sweet hot drinks. Therefore, you might want to ask for less sugar whenever you order hot beverages.

A bientot!

Creamy spaghetti

Sorry that I've abandoned my flog for a few months due to my semester hectic life.
Just want to share my Italian recipe which I love the most:- Spaghetti.
I preferred creamy ones rather than with tomato paste because the sauce is thicker and creamer. I recommend Prego's canned cream series as a good pasta sauce

They are quite cheap and serves 2-3 person. For example,

This spaghetti is made from Carbonara Mushroom. Although you can heat the can and pour the sauce on the paste, it's advisable to add something which can increase the flavor of sauce and additional vegetable and meat to eat. You can add prawn, meat loafs, ham, sausage and meatballs as meat and broccoli, green peas and beans, slices of carrots and coriander as vegetable.
The dish will definitely look nicer and boost your appetite.
If you have additional sauce, you can keep it in fridge overnight but not over two days. Heat them up again in oven, microwave or stove and serve them with buttered bread loafs or slices of baguette.
These can be served as a side dish or merely an small snack for kids and evening tea.
The recipe shared is kinda cheap and easy to made. First you get your ingredients:
  1. Pasta (Any type)
  2. Sausage (Other/Additional meat also can)
  3. Campbell's Prego Alfredo Portobello (A can of pasta sauce for 2-3 person)
  4. Salt
  5. Olive oil (Without it is fine)
This is my first try on this sauce and it's not so nice. It has a strong smell of mushroom but after I had my meal, I have burps and my mouth smell quite unpleasant due to the sauce. Not a good sauce but for those like wild mushrooms, it's okey.

Pour the sauce into a clean saucepan.
I add water to create more cream but the thickness of the cream is reduced. If you want to increase the volume of sauce without reducing the thickness, my friend recommended me to add milk or another can of mushroom/chicken soup.

Cut the sausages into chunks or any shapes you like.When your sauce starts to warm up, put the sausage into the pan. When your sauce starts to bubble up, set aside your sauce.
If you like, add a dash of butter for more cream flavor.In another pan, boil some water with additional salt. The purpose of salt in the water is to make the pasta strips tender and a bit of saltier.

Don't put your pasta like this. The cooking will be uneven and take longer time. You might end up having semi hard and soft pasta.
Instead, spread your pasta around the pan by pushing them all over the corner.
Like this...In the end, they will cook at the same time and rate.
Mostly, your pasta should be fully cooked for 10-12 minutes with medium heat. Garnish it with olive oil to make sure the pasta won't stick to each other. If you don't have olive oil, you can add a small dash of butter as a substitute.
Pour your sauce on the pasta and...

Not more than 30 minutes, you have a delicious spaghetti. I recommended this recipe for people who are busy, especially like me, an undergraduate. Additional sauce can be kept as breakfast with bread and butter.
Have a try...

A bientot!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steam Bao

When I was after my STPM, I helped my mom at pasar malam (night market) despite she have troubles handling a lots of customers on Friday at First Garden, Ipoh, Perak.
So, there's a new stall which sell steam baos.
You may wondering why it's so small and covered with chilli sauce...
Actually, it's not really a steam bao. It is called "水蒸包".
The lady boss which is from China said the bao is cooked on a pan.

First, the pan is covered with oil. Then, the baos are put on the pan and pour a bit of water after that. Cover the pan for a few minutes and voila! Hot, piping steam-fried bao! :B

Secret? The oil beneath the bao will ensure the bao won't stick to the pan. While the additional water will steam the rest of it.
Taste? You will get some kind of fry bao but it's like ordinary bao.

It's sold 90 sen each and there's chicken and pork bao. Non-halal. You can find it at a few pasar malam in Ipoh only but recommend you pay a visit on Friday's pasar malam at First Garden, Ipoh, Perak.

Price + Food = 4.0 stars

Rating = 3.8 stars

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Starbucks Cameron Highlands

My hand is quite itchy when I have some pocket money...
He he he~
Just earn some from fixing few notebooks, building up an intermediate desktop PC with a guarantee 5 years compatibility including upcoming Windows 7 and helping a best friend of mine to upgrade his desktop PC with a new motherboard, processor and other things...
So, with my first hard-earned money, I decided to treat my family...

Just tonight, I had a dinner at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands and I saw this handsome looking 'ang-moh' (Englishman) eating his roti canai, a vegetable dish and a small bottle of Tiger Beer...
Seems, he had tough time to eat his meal...
In the end, he finished them all and walked away...
He went to Starbucks!
I wondered he still can fill his stomach with food!

I planned to treat my sister with some Starbuck and try my very first time with Starbucks...
I was shocked when I entered the cafe...
The 'ang-moh' order a piece of bread and a cup of hot drink...
WTF *again*
He's really can stuff his stomach!
I bet he wasn't used to eat Indian meal...
Luckily, Starbucks saved him from being starved.
God bless him~

I went to the counter and a young, friendly female server invite me...

Server: Good evening, sir. What do you want to order?
Me: Err... Any recommendations? I'm a newbie to Starbucks! *chuckles*
Server: *Giggle* Oh... Never mind. Do you want hot or cold drink?
Me: Erm, I think I prefer something cold.
Server: Let me recommend this beverage...

Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino

Me: What's the price?
Server: We have tall, grande and venti. They cost RM 14, 15 and 16 respectively.
Me: Huh? What is these? *Blur*

The server brought the cup samples...
Oh! It's the name for the type of cups...

Me: Erm, for the first timer, I think I take VENTI!!!

My sister ordered a Java Chip but in Tall sized...

When I came back to my hotel, I took a hot bath and quickly slurp my Venti!
The result:-

I can't finish it because I'm darn full.
My sister said, "Dai Sei! (Serves you!) Who ask you to buy Venti-sized?

This cold coffee really hype me up with full punch of chocolate syrup and coffee essence...
The beverage is kinda over-sweet and kinda ruin the taste of mocha.
The cream plus some dark berry syrup serve my tongue with delights!
Cost? RM 14 for Tall, RM 15 for Grande & RM 16 for Venti.

Price + Drink = 4.0 stars

In the end, my wallet was lighter because

RM 31 crunch!
Never mind. That's the price for a first-timer of Starbucks and treats to satisfy my sister~ The service is definately courteous and friendly. A real customer service for a cafe!

Starbucks Coffee,
Unit 22 & 23,
Ground Floor and 1st Floor,
Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands,
39000 Pahang Darul Makmur.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Variety coffees and beverages are available throughout their stores and now they have a promotion.
Buy 7 beverages from now until September 2009 and you will be rewarded with another one free beverage on your choice!
For more infomations, click here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restoran Kaki Bukit

I stay near to hills? Name?
Kledang hills...
Actually, it's the backbone of Ipoh, Perak state where this hills form a line of mountain (banjaran in Malay) which seperate northern and southern part of Perak.
Malaysian backbone mountain, Banjaran Titiwangsa which stretch along from Perak, Pahang and Johor is situated in the southern part of Perak.
It makes Perak is just like Kathmandu in Nepal, city between two hills!

It's a fine morning today and I love to have my breakfast in this restaurant!

Restoran Kaki Bukit.
For Malaysian, it's just a regular food stall with the outside view but inside the restaurant, your mouth will drop...
Later, I blog about it in my personal blog~

My mum loves to eat this meal...

Wantan Mee with Braised Duck.
The taste is great. Not to salty but yet the aroma of braised duck with soy sauce and ginger make the dish wonderful

Price + Food = 4.8 stars

For me, I will have a cup of hot drink...

One of my favourites! Milk tea...
Usually, they use small, white cup but I preferred to have in larger portion.
Their teas and coffees suit my taste!

Price + Drink = 5.0 stars

Actually, today I missed their Nasi Lemak. This meal is a hot cake in this restaurant and if you go for it, advisable is not more than 11 a.m.!
Instead, I choose another favourite meal of mine...

Pou Chai Min.
I don't know how to write it in Chinese and translate it into English...
It's like a fried noodle which is re-cook with soup with egg, vegetables, meatballs, and some pork intestines and liver...
Quite nice...

Price + Food = 4.8 stars

Because I missed my Nasi Lemak, I make an addition...

Curry chicken...
Quite spicy but sadly, they didn't put curry leaves on it...
The taste is okey and descent to my mouth.

Price + Food = 4.5 stars

Because it's nearby to my house and quite cheap, I love to have my breakfast in this shop!

Kledang Hill,
Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan,

Rating: 4.9 stars

*By the way, they have their own Friendster site too! Click here to surf!*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Modesto's Easy Pizza

After the Guai Lin Gou dessert, I planned to go to Nando's to have its chicken...
Sadly, time didn't allow me to do so and it's on Plaza Rakyat...

I walk around Ikano Power Centre and find something nice, AGAIN~
Pizza and its size is larger than Pizza Hut's pizza!
One piece is equvialent to 3 pieces of Pizza Hut's pizza..

Pizza Capri - Turkey Ham, Tomato, Cheese & Mushroom

RM 8.65... Consider it's cheap comparing to Pizza Hut's!

Taste? It's much better than Pizza Hut because its crust and bread is fresh!
The recipe is great because I can taste the Turkey Ham beneath the molten cheese...
Better than Pizza Hut's where their tomato paste overload the taste and cause their pizzas taste the same!

Price + Taste = 4 stars

Lower Ground Floor,
IKANO Power Centre,
Mutiara Damansara,
Selangor, Malaysia

Rating: 4.8 stars

Yan Woh Tong Herbal Jeli Restaurant

I've been to Ikano Power Centre to pay a visit and spend my penny on Ikea at Damansara, KL.
I wandered around the mall to find something nice and special to eat...
Something caught my attention...
Dessert:- Guai Lin Gou (龜苓膏)~

What is Guai Lin Gou?
It's a kind of medicinal dessert which is made of herbs and turtle shell.
Yes... It contains the essence from turtle shell!
Some of people dislike this dessert but I like it because it's nice and tasty.
Guai Lin Gou can lower body temperature and provides other nutritional elements.

Here's the stall located at the lower ground floor of Ikano Power Centre (nearby A&W Fast Food Restaurant).

Tempting menus especially my favourite "Guai Lin Gao"...

Menu with introduction of the dessert. *I can't read mandarin though*

I wonder there's more type of Guai Lin Gou. Might go to toilet if the combination wrong in my stomach... So, I decided to taste the "Herbal Jelly Original". Costly but try first then say later~

It came with small pot of sugar syrup, a bowl of Guai Lin Gou and an empty bowl...

Uuu~ My mouth was watering and pumped with saliva...
My little brother and my mum decided to see other than the dessert...
Tempting chicken drumstick.

Stew Cooked Chicken Whole Leg

Yep! Luckily they give us a bowl of rice...
The chicken is stewed nicely with Chinese herbs and soy sauce.
The egg and toufu is okey...
Price + Taste = 3 stars

My mum decided to take something else than rice...

Clay Pot Herbal Chicken Whole Leg Mee Suah

The mee suah looks nice...
The soup is just like ordinary soup though but the chicken is the same as the previous menu...

Price + Taste = 3.5 stars

In the end, the shop is kinda nice and this is my first time to find such stall which has Guai Lin Gou where Hong Kong has more stalls of these dessert.

Lot 21 (nearby A&W Fast Food Stall),
Lower Ground Floor,
IKANO Power Centre,
Mutiara Damansara,
Selangor, Malaysia

Rating: 4.0 stars
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